Who are these chefs?
These are Personal Chefs, Home Chefs, Food Entrepreneurs and Event Caterers who are offering a unique special menu every week on Taro for foodies across our entire delivery area.

Are the meals cooked in someone’s home or in a commercial kitchen?
The meals are prepared in commercial kitchens. Chefs buy fresh ingredients a day ahead (many times from farmers’ markets). The food is prepared fresh in small batches in licensed commercial facilities and clean cooking spaces. No preservatives or harmful ingredients are added.

Can I talk to the chef about my specific requirements?
You can talk to the chefs directly through the app if you have specific questions or requests. Most chefs are happy to accommodate special requests to the extent possible.

How do you ensure food safety standards?
The meals are prepared in commercial kitchens that are health inspected. Chefs have a Food Handler’s Certificate which ensures they follow food safety standards. Rest assured, your health is one of our topmost priorities and we take every step to ensure food safety as per local regulations.